Digital Preservation for Community Archives

One of the proudest moments of my archiving career so far came in January, when I received an e-mail from one of my postgraduate lecturers asking if I would be interested in some digital preservation writing work. Together with other staff and students of  Department of Information Studies at University College London, a short working … Continue reading Digital Preservation for Community Archives

Why don’t archivists digitize everything?

‘Why don’t archivists digitise everything?’ – this is a great Blog post by the PAMA archives about a really complex subject.

Archives @ PAMA


Today on the blog we’re tackling one of our most frequently asked questions: “Why don’t you digitize everything?” and its related runner-up, “When will you be putting all your records on the web?”

As archivists we like these questions because they tell us that people are eager for access to archival records. They also show that people realize that not everything is digitized. Indeed only a tiny fraction of the world’s primary resources are available digitally. This doesn’t mean that undigitized records are inaccessible or not worth consulting, but you will need to visit us archivists to use them.

In fact, archivists and librarians themselves are behind the abundance of primary sources already available on the internet. From rare books to official records and from diaries to sound recordings, digitized resources have spread the word (literally) that the past informs our present and our future. In the meantime, both non-profit and commercial organizations whose…

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Creation and Capture: a module review

Creation and Capture is a core module for the MA in Archives and Records Management (so no escaping it!). The module sought to look at the creation and capture of records and information within organisations in the course of their business, introducing records management approaches and techniques that can be applied to information created, received and used by … Continue reading Creation and Capture: a module review