Under the Microscope: A Hug as an Expression of Friendship

The ‘Under the Microscope’ series of blog posts explores items that I have helped to catalogue and digitise for the Teams of Our Lady Transatlantic Super-Regional archive.


“A hug makes you feel good all day”.


A Hug as an Expression of Friendship

This Under the Microscope post looks at another item from the Newsletters collection. Whilst I have shared some humorous items previously, today’s item is more thoughtful.


The front cover.

This time, I found this rather lovely item in the September-November 2000 issue of the Great Britain, Trinidad and Tobago Regional newsletter.


Teams of Our Lady Great Britain, Trinidad and Tobago Regional newsletter: September-November 2000

Who wrote it?

The author is Father Ken Payne, the then Regional Chaplain for the Region of Great Britain, Trinidad and Tobago.

I like how a hug can have so many important qualities and factors, and how true they all are! It’s a lovely reminder of how even a seemingly small thing such as a hug can make such a huge impact, and the suggestion of a hug as being ‘energy efficient’ is is yet another reminder of the humour within Teams.


For more information on Teams of Our Lady, visit the GB website.

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